Hello everyone so today we will tell you about the famous youtuber CARRY MINATI . 

He start's his carrier from YouTube and everybody known's him. At this time he has 2 channel on the YouTube.

YouTube carrier👉

1st is the Carry Minati he has 30M subscriber's on his first channel.

 2nd channel is Carryislive 9.07M subscriber's. he has a good carrier on the YouTube . He is shooting for a film.


His net income from YouTube is about $ 4.3  million dollar . so here we can say that he earn a good income from the YouTube . recently he bought 2 SUV and two Fortuner a black and white .

He has released his songs also which get's millions of views .the song name is YALGAAR this  song got about 229 million views on the YouTube and he has launch more much songs they also got million of views .

 he is a completely rapper, singer ,roaster and gamer. he plays PUBG on his channel Carryislive.  

 The film was directed and produced by Ajay Devgn . The film name is Mayday . the film is casting by the Ajay Devgn, Amitabh Bachchan, Ajey Nagar and many more.


The MayDay film will be a Hindi drama film . the main photography start in Dec,2020 at the Hyderabad .the releasing date of the film is 29 April , 2022 .

Leads actor

It is Ajey Nagar first film . The story is based around a 2015 incident when a Doha -Kochi flight had a close shave to poor visibility and had to be diverted to another airport in the south India.

Devgn and Bachchan will play the lead role in the film . Ajey Nagar will known as the Carry Minati in the film . Devgn will be playing role of the pilot . 

At last I want to say that maybe this movie it will be blockbuster because it it has the included the top best actor in this film so it will be a hit film .So please leave a lovely comment done about the this movie .