Thor Love and Thunder:

Thor Love and Thunder is an  upcoming American movie . It will be produced by Marvel Studios and Distributed by the Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures .This film is fully based on the Marvel  Comic superhero. 

 It is scheduled  to be released in United States by the date of may 6 2022. Chris Hemsworth indicated in January 2018 and he was interested to play the role of the Thor . When announcing the film in July 2019 .that it will have lots of elements of the mighty Thor comic book .After a month later Waititi said that he has completed the script of the film . the editing will be done by Maryann Brandon of the film .

.The film will feature the song "Rainbow in the Dark "By Dio. 

 Chris Hemsworth as Thor .

   The film is directed by the Taika Waititi.

.Jaimie Alexander as Sif : An Asgardian warrior and Thor childhood friend .

 . this film is produced by the Kevin Feige.  

.The film Cinematography will be done by the Barry"Baz" idoine

Filming was delayed due to COVID 19. industrial Light & Magic provided by the  same Stagecraft virtual production technology  which is used  by the Disney + Star Wars series . The Mandalorian , series which  directed by the Waititi .in a episode for creating custom volume they used the fox studios Australia . 

this studios is from the best studios of the world . the space feature feature provides more led light and high resolution screen panels . Barry"Baz" idoine also editor of the series  The Mandalorian. this Film is coming in English Language .In extra , Waititi play his role as Korg. Hemsworth stated that he would   Love to continue to play the role of Thor. 

he credited Waititi for giving this role  to him. and after doing a film as a Thor he loved this role and he is comfortable to making the new film Ragnarok  .So here the government of Australian and South Wales was ready to set the subsidies of AU$24million and according to the United States it is about the $17million .

Marvel Studios President David allow for shooting the two films back to back . he said we are excepting that the Thor : Love and Thunder  will generate over AU$178million and according to United States it is about the $127million . it will help to increasing the economy value of our country . continues making of film it will provide work to crews . so it will be good for country.


 The government also permission that it can include the the institutes for their brite future that they can have the interest in the  film industry. There is also news by the Waititi that he will surprise every one by his role of Korg Ragnarok and Endgame in Love And Thunder .but he denied that he has not completed the script in august. 

While promoting  his film JoJo rabbit he said that he has scripted only one screen play . but here is a twist that Waititi thought the story will change while filming and editing . he was not that in the story line foster suffers from the Breast cancer . but in the comic book he notice that it is the most important part of the comic book. after it they said that the treatment of the foster will be explored in the film. 

Waititi was added with marvel that still how much time will pass in the Endgame and Love and Thunder . Waititi is carrying about the weight of the Thor because he is carrying over weight that it ill effect the Endgame. 

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