Pirates of The Carribean 6 !

this is the most searched as well most asked keyword over the internet about what about the next part of pirates of the carribean.

Here we go with pirates of the carribean part 6 having most of the love of the audience and is still being alive into the heart of the people.

Coz No Matter how many times you watch the movie and all of its 5 parts, always they gives another interest and can be said no one will be bored of this movie.

Here the question arises about When will the pirates of the carribean part 6 be launched what is its release date ?


There are no chance to tell the theme of the movie to the people who have already seen the movie and the people who haven't watched the movie till now there should a lack of great thing and interest into their life.

We promise you will be too much happy and be more in love with this movie and the people who have seen the movie knows that the movie always go through with a different story as the part of the movie changes.

The movie is based upon the character of Jack sparrow who is dramatically and into the movie the captain of the black pearl ship. basically they are totally known as Pirates into the movie.

Now let's work toward the next concept of the pirates of the carribean into the movie that is created by Disney.


There are several casts into the movie POC that is Pirates of the carribean , but the thing is all have their unique interest and almost all the characters are personally loved by their audience and no one can say that they are side casts.

As almost all of them gives their best and tries hard to be more familiar and to be the part of the story.

Here are some popular casts from the series Pirates of the Carribean :

  • Johnny Depp          Jack Sparrow
  • Geoffrey Rush Barbossa
  • Orlando Bloom Will Turner
  • Keira Knightley Elizabeth Swann
  • Jack Davenport Norrington
  • Jonathan Pryce Governor Weatherby Swann

And now the main part comes about when will the next part means 6th part of pirates of the carribean launched into the public ? 

So the answer is after the 5th part of the pirates of the carribean movie, the owner of disney company changed who is the creator of POC series.

And the new owner put up the order to change the lead actor of the movie pirates of the carribean 6 who was Johnny depp and becuase of the change in series the creators denied to go toward with the next parts.

So still now there is no ahead news of the movie increment and now the movie has been compeletely stopped which shows there will be no more parts of the movie to see.