Laxmii - Kanchana - kalpana !

These all of the three movie are most of in demand as all have similar or we can say that the exactly same store and the theme of the movie.

At first the Movie kalpana Came toward the audience and then the viewers as well the audience showed the great love toward it.

Then the movie kanchana was remade by the makers with the same story and the theme and again people showed perfect love toward it.

At all, third time too with the new name laxmii, the movie was remade with same story and theme and now the people again the third time showed much love.


Talking about the theme of the all the three movie that is Kanchana, laxmii and Kalpana goes in this way :

The movie is totally based upon the revenge of a Transgender (Kinner), who takes revenge from his enemies and do it via the body of a living person.

And in this way the movie goes upon this makes the movie story and then the movie makes people more scared with its horror effects and and its scenes.

Casts in Laxmii

In the latest movie of the Kanchana that is named as Laxmii, are listed below with their character names.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar who has now become a great known personality in the world of bollywood and now being a social performer for the country has been seen into the leading role of the movie.

Akshay in the movie will be seen as Asif, Who is seen as to be the source of revenge into the movie.

The transgender takes his revenge from its enemies via the body of asif and who is seen as Main and the leading role of the movie.

Kiara Advani

Kiara who is now the trending and the hot bollywood actress shows her best of performance in the movie laxmii.

Kiara into the movie is seen as Rashmi and as the wife of asif whose parents are afraid of them because the couple has done a love marriage.

beside there are a lot of casts who are most known and are being perfect into the movies.