Laxmii !

The most popular movie during the Covid - 19 that is Laxmii whose name was laxxmi bomb but due to some reasons the owners of the movie has to change the name of the movie - Laxmii.

Here we are going to review the movie Laxmii and the top reactions of the movie and the viewers and the audiences.


There are several casts into the movie who has given their best into the movie and it seems to be the best part of the movie.

Here are some top things which makes the day of viewers and the movie after coming into the theaters gave the best performance and the audience watched the movie in a huge part.

The reason can be said as was only the reason of Covid - 19 and people were too much bored upon and in that meantime the audience showed most of the love toward it.


The movie is a great and dubbing of old popular south movie Kanchana which was created by the actor Raghav Lawrance.

And now into the movie Laxmii, Akshay kumar who seems to be the Leading actor has given best of his performance.

the movie is totally based upon the revenge of a Transgender who was down by their enemies and now he takes his revenge via the body of Asif.


There are a number of casts into the movie who showed best of his performance and now let's talk about them in brief in order to know more about the movie.

Akshay kumar

Akshay kumar who is seen as a lead actor into the movie and now has given the best performance beside it this is the reason that the movie has taken and driven the as much best performance from the audience into the theatres.

But aside these things, these kind of works for as much popular cast like Akshay this is a bad thing to be a part of a remake movie.

And due to which the movie only gained views but the thing is the retention was completely negative which showed the hyper of people against remake of kanchana by the people.

Kiara advani

The lead actress's role will be given to the hot actress kiara advani who has definitely given her best into the movie and now she is as much popular only due to this movie.

No problem, the movie got the bad audience retention but the thing for the Kiara is she just came to know by most of the people and mainly to the audience of the Akshay kumar.